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About Us

It all started with one idea, to develop a game changing ecommerce platform that was custom built for the new world of "influencer marketing"- helping brands, customers and marketers to connect in a more productive way for all. Over time we saw several opportunities to develop our platform to meet the demands of different markets from online gaming to the sports industry. In June 2019 we launched KITVENDR, an online sports merchandising company offering "made to order" high quality products aimed specifically at the community and semi-professional sports club market. This led to us also moving into clothing design as we developed our own custom range of merchandise to sell through our platform and elsewhere. Our mission is to create a sports apparel brand and online retail network with a focus on minimising our environmental impact through the use of certified sustainable and recycled materials and minimising the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and supply chain - putting planet before profit.

Our journey so far has tested our experience in different fields and allowed us to find solutions by re-imagining the way that organisations connect with their customers. We are excited for what the future holds.

Our Team

Every business in today's world can benefit from optimising their use of digital technology. Our customers typically approach us when they have a problem that they wish to solve or an idea they need the support of a digital partner to execute.

As a team, we work with you on your problem or idea; designing and building you a bespoke application or supporting you to develop your existing IT systems.

We look to create real and tangible results for our customers to produce a return on investment.


  • Rangi Jericevich
  • COO
  • Oleg Baskakov
  • CTO
  • Aleksandr Potocki
  • CEO

Our Brands

As well as building applications for our customers we have also developed our own technologies, some of which we have launched as standalone brands. This has helped us to diversify our expertise beyond that of many typical IT businesses.

KITVENDR is a bespoke e-commerce platform providing a turnkey solution to sports clubs who are looking to retail a high quality range of headwear and apparel to their supporters.

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+44 (0) 141 230 3072
London Office
71-75 Shelton Street
London, England
Glasgow Office
18 Elderpark Workspace
Glasgow, Scotland
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Wspólna 50A
Warsaw, Poland

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